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Diamonds and Feathers - The Pin Up, Vintage and Retro Model Agency


Pin up Models, Vintage & retro style girls & performers


Diamonds and Feathers is The model agency specialising in vintage, retro, pin up and alternative models. 

We have a stunning selection of some of the very best pin up models around and we are also very proud to feature on our books the girls from Pinupzania where you can find all sorts of original pin up photography, art and pin up merchandise.

Just what is Pinup?

Simply speaking a pinup is a picture, usually of a female, that appeals to 'popular culture' and which is 'pinned up' somewhere, like a wall or locker door. The word 'pinup' entered popular language during World War II which is when commercial pinup posters started being produced but men have been sticking up pictures of sexy women since the late 1800s. It was particularly popular amongst British Forces during World War I, when the craze was for collecting and pinning up publicity postcards of actresses, singers and models of the day.

Today, pinup tends largely, to fall into two cateogories, there is 'modern' pinup which covers todays 'lad mags' and page 3 and the like, which tends to be more overtly sexual than 'retro' pinup which usually recreates a vintage style, 'cheescake' and which tends to portray a slightly innocent, but fun and sexy style, perhaps showing a flash of stocking top or underwear, rather than being too blatant. True 'Vintage' pinup covering the sale of original vintage prints and posters is also very popular at the moment with the strong interest in all things vintage.

So what is a Pin Up Model?

Simple, a girl who can look stunning and sexy in a photograph, and our models are all experienced pin up models, they know how to adopt a pin up pose, which is very different from conventional fashion. Many of them love vintage and pin up fashion and 'live' with the 'look' every day. Our girls don't fit into any simple single category, we have all shapes and sizes, we have professional catwalk models, burlesque performers, dancers, singers and dedicated pin up models. All though have that certain something and all have a sense of fun.



Diamonds & Feathers is an ethical pin up and vintage model agency that fully meets all required legislation and Department of Employment and Learning guidelines. We encourage prospective models to check the current guidelines before dealing with any agency. We do NOT charge any kind of upfront fees and are happy to answer any questions you might have.


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